So the Lord was with Joshua,
and his reputation spread
throughout the land.
-Joshua 6:27, NLT

It’s important to gain name-recognition as an author. People tell us to tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook, and spend overwhelming chunks of time participating in social media. Yes, each of these venues has its purpose and its value for an author. But ONLY after we first spend a meaningful portion of our day meeting alone with God.

If you have to make the choice…social media or God…choose God first. Meet with God each day BEFORE you sign onto the Internet. God is the one who spreads our reputation and name recognition in the industry after all.

Dear God, please help me keep my priorities straight. Help me prioritize my time alone with you each day as more important than chatting with any friends online. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

-photos of flowers by Nancy I. Sanders