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Listen to an internet radio interview of author Nancy I. Sanders with Scott McCausey at Christian Devotions Speak Up!


I just finished reading Nancy I. Sanders SCRIBES: DEVOTIONS FOR CHRISTIAN WRITERS. What a wonderful devotional to take along on a writer’s journey! Do you have a Christian writer-friend who is discouraged from not getting a contract? Suggest they read SCRIBES. Do you critique other writers’ work? Read SCRIBES’ entry entitled “Encouragement.” Want to read about joy, persistence, or plans? Ms. Sanders has written about these, as well as 104 others. One entry that had particular meaning for me as I read it is entitled, WHERE? Get SCRIBES: POCKET EDITION to find out what spoke to me today! I pray this devotional will touch your writer’s heart as much as it did mine.
-Patricia A. Miller is a children’s author who lives with her husband and two of their children on their farm in NE Missouri.

Have you ever started a book that you left unfinished? Have you ever collected more rejection slips for your written work than you care to admit? Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? Well you should proudly admit it if you have. If you are a writer, you most likely would have experienced all of the above at some point in your career. You should know that you are not alone and help is indeed on the way, never fear! The perfect book for you is Nancy I Sanders’ book entitled Scribes. It is so easy to carry around and read since it is a pocket edition. You could probably curl up in a comfy chair with hot tea and glide through it within an hour. Within this 116-page book, each page unfolds a wealth of holy scripture quotes as it represents a writer’s theme. There are so many categories that you will self-reflect with assurance from God, that your hard work and effort will pay off, if only you will persevere. For example, Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.-Ecclesiastes 11:1, NKJV. Submitting a manuscript is like casting our bread upon the waters. How often as a writer it is tempting to leave a finished manuscript in our file cabinet. (Well if you want to read on, you will have to get this book!..) This is a treasure that every Christian writer must possess. It is like sitting in church on the pews with an understanding friend flanked at your side.
-Sharon Blumberg is a freelance writer, and she has been a junior high teacher in Illinois for over 20 years. She lives with her husband in Munster, Indiana. She has two grown children. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and going for long walks. She will be retiring this coming June. She would like to pursue her writing career and voice-over work, full-time.